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Meaning of NEST in Hindi


    Meaning of NEST in English
    1. The bed or receptacle prepared by a fowl for holding her eggs and for hatching and rearing her young.
    2. Hence: the place in which the eggs of other animals, as insects, turtles, etc., are laid and hatched; a snug place in which young animals are reared.
    3. A snug, comfortable, or cozy residence or situation; a retreat, or place of habitual resort; hence, those who occupy a nest, frequent a haunt, or are associated in the same pursuit; as, a nest of traitors; a nest of bugs.

    Examples and usage

    To better understand the meaning of NEST, certain examples of its usage are presented.
    Examples from famous English prose on the use of the word NEST
    1. "Let the flight through the sky end in the folding of the wings over the nest."

       -  The word/phrase "nest" was used by "Rabindranath Tagore" in "The Gardener".
    2. "Go back to your son, to your own nest darkened with sorrow."

       -  "Rabindranath Tagore" has used the nest in the novel The Fugitive.
    3. "And alone and without his nest shall the eagle fly across the sun."

       -  To understand the meaning of nest, please see the following usage by Khalil Gibran in The Prophet.

    Usage of NEST: Examples from famous English Poetry
    1. "He that hath found some fledg'd bird's nest may know,"
        - This term nest was used by Henry Vaughan in the Poem Friends Departed.
    2. "Whose nest is in a water'd shoot;"
        - This term nest was used by Christina Georgina Rossetti in the Poem A Birthday.
    3. "Like an eagle’s nest, hangs on the crest"
        - This term nest was used by Thomas Babington Macaulay, Lord Macaulay in the Poem Horatius.

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