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Pronunciation of nereid

Meaning of nereid in Hindi

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Pronunciation of nereid

Meaning of nereid in Hindi

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Meaning of NEREID in English
  1. (Greek mythology) any of the 50 sea nymphs who were daughters of the sea god Nereus
  2. A sea nymph, one of the daughters of nereus, who were attendants upon neptune, and were represented as riding on sea horses, sometimes with the human form entire, and sometimes with the tail of a fish.
  3. Any species of nereis. the word is sometimes used for similar annelids of other families.
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Usage of "NEREID": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "No dolphin came, no nereid stirr'd"
    - This term nereid was used by Thomas Gray in the Poem On a favourite cat, drowned in a tub of gold fishes.

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