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Meaning of NEGOTIATE in English
  1. discuss the terms of an arrangement
  2. succeed in passing through, around, or over
  3. To transact business; to carry on trade.
  4. To treat with another respecting purchase and sale or some business affair; to bargain or trade; as, to negotiate with a man for the purchase of goods or a farm.
  5. To hold intercourse respecting a treaty, league, or convention; to treat with, respecting peace or commerce; to conduct communications or conferences.
  6. To intrigue; to scheme.
  7. To carry on negotiations concerning; to procure or arrange for by negotiation; as, to negotiate peace, or an exchange.
  8. To transfer for a valuable consideration under rules of commercial law; to sell; to pass.
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Usage of "NEGOTIATE": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "And whilst our souls negotiate there"
    - This term negotiate was used by John Donne in the Poem The ecstasy.

Usage of "NEGOTIATE" in sentences

  1. "It will be an extraordinarily painful step to negotiate"

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