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Meaning of NATURALIZE in English
  1. adapt (a wild plant or unclaimed land) to the environment
  2. make into a citizen
  3. adopt to another place
  4. make more natural or lifelike
  5. explain with reference to nature
  6. To make natural; as, custom naturalizes labor or study.
  7. To confer the rights and privileges of a native subject or citizen on; to make as if native; to adopt, as a foreigner into a nation or state, and place in the condition of a native subject.
  8. To receive or adopt as native, natural, or vernacular; to make one's own; as, to naturalize foreign words.
  9. To adapt; to accustom; to habituate; to acclimate; to cause to grow as under natural conditions.
  10. To become as if native.
  11. To explain phenomena by natural agencies or laws, to the exclusion of the supernatural.
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