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Meaning of LAMBERT ~UNIT~ in English
  1. A small genus of australian shrubs.
  2. The gigantic sugar pine of california and oregon (pinus lambertiana). it has the leaves in fives, and cones a foot long. the timber is soft, and like that of the white pine of the eastern states.
  3. a cgs unit of illumination equal to the brightness of a perfectly diffusing surface that emits or reflects one lumen per square centimeter
  4. a disease seen in patients with lung cancer and characterized by weakness and fatigue of hip and thigh muscles and an aching back; caused by antibodies directed against the neuromuscular junctions
  5. erect bushy shrub of eastern Australia having terminal clusters of red flowers yielding much nectar
  6. English composer and conductor (1905-1951)
  7. small genus of Australian shrubs
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