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Meaning of LACTIC ACID in English
  1. a clear odorless hygroscopic syrupy carboxylic acid found in sour milk and in many fruits
  2. (physiol. chem.) a sirupy, colorless fluid, soluble in water, with an intensely sour taste and strong acid reactio there is one center of optical activity, and this results in the observation of three isomeric modifications all having the formula c3h6o3; one is dextrorotatory (l-lactic acid), the other levorotatory (d-lactic acid), and the third an optically inactive mixture of the first two (dl-lactic acid); chemically it is 2-hydroxypropanoic acid. sarcolactic acid or paralactic acid occurs chiefly in dead muscle tissue, while ordinary lactic acid (dl-lactic acid) results from fermentation, such as the fermentation of milk by lactic acid bacteri the two acids are alike in having the same constitution (expressed by the name ethylidene lactic acid), but the latter is optically inactive, while sarcolactic acid rotates the plane of polarization to the right. the third acid, ethylene lactic
  3. A normal intermediate in the fermentation (oxidation, metabolism) of sugar. in pure form, a syrupy, odorless, and colorless liquid obtained by the action of the lactic acid bacillus on milk or milk sugar; in concentrated form, a caustic used internally to prevent gastrointestinal fermentation. a culture of the bacillus, or milk containing it, is usually given in place of the acid. l-lactic acid is also known as sarcolactic acid.
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