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Meaning of KNUCKLE in English
  1. a joint of a finger when the fist is closed
  2. shoot a marble while keeping one's knuckles on the ground
  3. press or rub with the knuckles
  4. The joint of a finger, particularly when made prominent by the closing of the fingers.
  5. The kneejoint, or middle joint, of either leg of a quadruped, especially of a calf;
  6. The joint of a plant.
  7. The joining pars of a hinge through which the pin or rivet passes; a knuckle joint.
  8. A convex portion of a vessel's figure where a sudden change of shape occurs, as in a canal boat, where a nearly vertical side joins a nearly flat bottom.
  9. A contrivance, usually of brass or iron, and furnished with points, worn to protect the hand, to add force to a blow, and to disfigure the person struck; as, brass knuckles;
  10. To yield; to submit;
  11. To beat with the knuckles; to pommel.
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Usage of "KNUCKLE" in sentences

  1. "Undisguised bare-knuckle capitalism"

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