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Meaning of JEWELRY in English
  1. an adornment (as a bracelet or ring or necklace) made of precious metals and set with gems (or imitation gems)
  2. The art or trade of a jeweler.
  3. Jewels, collectively; as, a bride's jewelry.
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JEWELRY Sentence, Example and Usage

Examples and usage of JEWELRY in prose and poetry

To better understand the meaning of JEWELRY, certain examples of its usage are presented.Examples from famous English prose on the use of the word JEWELRY

  1. "Too much like jewelry"

    The word/phrase 'jewelry' was used by 'Mark Twain' in 'The adventures of huckleberry finn'.
  2. "Lo said teachers had remonstrated with her on her loading herself with so much costume jewelry"

    'Vladimir Nabokov' has used the jewelry in the novel Lolita.
  3. "Rubinov’s jewelry company had a display of artificial diamonds reflected in a red mirror"

    To understand the meaning of jewelry, please see the following usage by Vladimir Nabokov in Lolita.
Usage of "JEWELRY" in sentences

  1. "There is something missing in my jewelry box!"

  2. "Costly jewelry"

  3. "Glittery costume jewelry"

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