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Meaning of IMPROMPTU in English
  1. without advance preparation
  2. with little or no preparation or forethought
  3. an extemporaneous speech or remark
  4. a short musical passage that seems to have been made spontaneously without advance preparation
  5. Offhand; without previous study; extemporaneous; extempore; as, an impromptu verse.
  6. Something made or done offhand, at the moment, or without previous study; an extemporaneous composition, address, or remark.
  7. A piece composed or played at first thought; a composition in the style of an extempore piece.
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IMPROMPTU Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "IMPROMPTU" in sentences

  1. "An impromptu speech"

  2. "A witty impromptu must not sound premeditated"

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