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Meaning of IMPLICITLY in English
  1. without doubting or questioning
  2. without ever expressing so clearly
  3. In an implicit manner; without reserve; with unreserved confidence.
  4. By implication; impliedly; as, to deny the providence of god is implicitly to deny his existence.
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IMPLICITLY Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "IMPLICITLY" in sentences

  1. "He implicitly assumes that you know the answer"

  2. "I implicitly trust him"

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यदि कोई दुर्बल मानव तुम्हारा अपमान करे तो उसे क्षमा कर दो, क्योंकि क्षमा करना ही वीरों का काम है, परंतु यदि अपमान करने वाला बलवान हो तो उसको अवश्य दण्ड दो। - गुरु गोविन्दसिंह
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