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Meaning of IMAGINE in English
  1. expect, believe, or suppose
  2. form a mental image of something that is not present or that is not the case
  3. To form in the mind a notion or idea of; to form a mental image of; to conceive; to produce by the imagination.
  4. To contrive in purpose; to scheme; to devise; to compass; to purpose. see compass, v. t., 5.
  5. To represent to one's self; to think; to believe.
  6. To form images or conceptions; to conceive; to devise.
  7. To think; to suppose.
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IMAGINE Sentence, Example and Usage

Examples and usage of IMAGINE in prose and poetry

To better understand the meaning of IMAGINE, certain examples of its usage are presented.Examples from famous English prose on the use of the word IMAGINE

  1. "Some of them have never even heard of hogwarts until they get the letter, imagine"

    The word/phrase 'imagine' was used by 'J. K. Rowling' in 'Harry potter and the sorcerer's stone'.
  2. "I don't suppose ravenclaw would be too bad, but imagine if they put me in slytherin"

    'J. K. Rowling' has used the imagine in the novel Harry potter and the sorcerer's stone.
  3. "Perched on top of the rock was the most miserable little shack you could imagine"

    To understand the meaning of imagine, please see the following usage by J. K. Rowling in Harry potter and the sorcerer's stone.
Usage of "IMAGINE": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "O glorious sun, imagine me the west"
    - This term imagine was used by Robert Greene in the Poem Fawnia.

  2. "Did not imagine i could be so pleased"
    - This term imagine was used by Jordan Schnarr in the Poem Love poem.

  3. "I think of you always, imagine your touch"
    - This term imagine was used by Louise Scrymgeour in the Poem Love poem.

Usage of "IMAGINE" in sentences

  1. "Greater inaptness of expression would be hard to imagine"

  2. "I imagine she earned a lot of money with her new novel"

  3. "Who can imagine a translunary visitor in Times Square?"

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