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Meaning of GNAT in English
  1. (British usage) mosquito
  2. any of various small biting flies: midges; biting midges; black flies; sand flies
  3. A blood-sucking dipterous fly, of the genus culex, undergoing a metamorphosis in water. the females have a proboscis armed with needlelike organs for penetrating the skin of animals. these are wanting in the males. in america they are generally called mosquitoes. see mosquito.
  4. Any fly resembling a culex in form or habits; esp., in america, a small biting fly of the genus simulium and allies, as the buffalo gnat, the black fly, etc.
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Usage of "GNAT": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "Breathless, given up to sun and gnat and fly"
    - This term gnat was used by George Meredith in the Poem Love in the valley.

Usage of "GNAT" in sentences

  1. "The speaker ceased to be an amusing little gnat to be fanned away and was kicked off the forum"

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