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Meaning of GLIB in English
  1. marked by lack of intellectual depth
  2. having only superficial plausibility
  3. artfully persuasive in speech
  4. Smooth; slippery; as, ice is glib.
  5. Speaking or spoken smoothly and with flippant rapidity; fluent; voluble; as, a glib tongue; a glib speech.
  6. To make glib.
  7. A thick lock of hair, hanging over the eyes.
  8. To castrate; to geld; to emasculate.
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उदाहरण और उपयोग[+]

GLIB Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "GLIB" in sentences

  1. "A glib tongue"

  2. "Glib promises"

  3. "A glib response to a complex question"

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