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Meaning of GLEAN in English
  1. gather, as of natural products
  2. To gather after a reaper; to collect in scattered or fragmentary parcels, as the grain left by a reaper, or grapes left after the gathering.
  3. To gather from (a field or vineyard) what is left.
  4. To collect with patient and minute labor; to pick out; to obtain.
  5. To gather stalks or ears of grain left by reapers.
  6. To pick up or gather anything by degrees.
  7. A collection made by gleaning.
  8. Cleaning; afterbirth.
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GLEAN Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "GLEAN": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "Where i reap thou shouldst but glean"
    - This term glean was used by Thomas Hood in the Poem Ruth.

  2. "The world shall glean of me, me the sleeper!"
    - This term glean was used by Francis Thompson in the Poem The poppy.

  3. "Glean the apple from the pine"
    - This term glean was used by Gray Pilgrim in the Poem Thanksgiving poems for kids.

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