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Pronunciation of genus

Meaning of genus in Hindi

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Meaning of GENUS in English
  1. a general kind of something
  2. (biology) taxonomic group containing one or more species
  3. A class of objects divided into several subordinate species; a class more extensive than a species; a precisely defined and exactly divided class; one of the five predicable conceptions, or sorts of terms.
  4. An assemblage of species, having so many fundamental points of structure in common, that in the judgment of competent scientists, they may receive a common substantive name. a genus is not necessarily the lowest definable group of species, for it may often be divided into several subgenera. in proportion as its definition is exact, it is natural genus; if its definition can not be made clear, it is more or less an artificial genus.
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Usage of "GENUS" in sentences

  1. "Campanulate flowers of the genus Campanula"

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