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Meaning of GALLEY in English
  1. the area for food preparation on a ship
  2. the kitchen area for food preparation on an airliner
  3. (classical antiquity) a crescent-shaped seagoing vessel propelled by oars
  4. a large medieval vessel with a single deck propelled by sails and oars with guns at stern and prow; a complement of 1,000 men; used mainly in the Mediterranean for war and trading
  5. A vessel propelled by oars, whether having masts and sails or not
  6. A large vessel for war and national purposes;
  7. A name given by analogy to the greek, roman, and other ancient vessels propelled by oars.
  8. A light, open boat used on the thames by customhouse officers, press gangs, and also for pleasure.
  9. One of the small boats carried by a man-of-war.
  10. The cookroom or kitchen and cooking apparatus of a vessel;
  11. An oblong oven or muffle with a battery of retorts; a gallery furnace.
  12. An oblong tray of wood or brass, with upright sides, for holding type which has been set, or is to be made up, etc.
  13. A proof sheet taken from type while on a galley; a galley proof.
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Usage of "GALLEY": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "Give naughty boys the shovel and pail; while galley aromas and hot tub bath"
    - This term galley was used by Gaynor Borade in the Poem Winter dreams.

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