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Meaning of GALACTIC in English
  1. inconceivably large
  2. of or relating to a galaxy (especially our galaxy the Milky Way)
  3. Of or pertaining to milk; got from milk; as, galactic acid.
  4. Of or pertaining to the galaxy or milky way.
  5. Pertaining to milk; promoting the flow of milk.
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GALACTIC Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "GALACTIC": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "Black and flat with newborns swaying in inter-galactic bands now"
    - This term galactic was used by Gaynor Borade in the Poem Topsy turvy you and me!.

  2. "Making colour until you were ready to fall into a void of galactic dreams"
    - This term galactic was used by Mia Atkinson in the Poem Wish you were here - poem.

Usage of "GALACTIC" in sentences

  1. "The galactic plane"

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