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Meaning of FACILE in English
  1. superficially impressive, but lacking depth and attention to the true complexities of a subject
  2. expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively
  3. performing adroitly and without effort
  4. Easy to be done or performed: not difficult; performable or attainable with little labor.
  5. Easy to be surmounted or removed; easily conquerable; readily mastered.
  6. Easy of access or converse; mild; courteous; not haughty, austere, or distant; affable; complaisant.
  7. Easily persuaded to good or bad; yielding; ductile to a fault; pliant; flexible.
  8. Ready; quick; expert; as, he is facile in expedients; he wields a facile pen.
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FACILE Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "FACILE" in sentences

  1. "His playing is facile and unstrained"

  2. "Too facile a solution for so complex a problem"

  3. "Able to dazzle with his facile tongue"

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