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Pronunciation of efferent

Meaning of efferent in Hindi

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Meaning of EFFERENT in English
  1. a nerve that conveys impulses toward or to muscles or glands
  2. of nerves and nerve impulses; conveying information away from the CNS
  3. Conveying outward, or discharging;
  4. Conveyed outward; as, efferent impulses, i. e., such as are conveyed by the motor or efferent nerves from the central nervous organ outwards;
  5. An efferent duct or stream.
  6. Conducting fluid or a nerve impulse outward from a given organ, cell, or part thereof, the efferent connections of a group of nerve cells, efferent blood vessels, or excretory duct of an organ.
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Usage of "EFFERENT" in sentences

  1. "Efferent nerves and impulses"

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