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Pronunciation of eden

Meaning of eden in Hindi

अंग्रेजी मे अर्थ[+]

Meaning of EDEN in English
  1. any place of complete bliss and delight and peace
  2. a beautiful garden where Adam and Eve were placed at the Creation; when they disobeyed and ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil they were driven from their paradise (the fall of man)
  3. The garden where adam and eve first dwelt; hence, a delightful region or residence.
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EDEN Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "EDEN": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "What fair eden was of old"
    - This term eden was used by William Browne in the Poem A welcome.

  2. "An eden so new"
    - This term eden was used by Connie Tucker in the Poem Me - poem.

  3. "And i'll take you to eden"
    - This term eden was used by Harry Boslem in the Poem Take you to eden - poem.

Usage of "EDEN" in sentences

  1. "Adam and Eve committed the original sin when they ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden"

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