Meaning of Dab in English | Dab का अर्थ (Dab ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Dab in English

  1. a light touch or stroke
  2. a small quantity of something moist or liquid
  3. hit lightly
  4. apply (usually a liquid) to a surface
  5. A skillful hand; a dabster; an expert.
  6. A name given to several species of flounders, esp. to the european species, pleuronectes limanda. the american rough dab is hippoglossoides platessoides.
  7. To strike or touch gently, as with a soft or moist substance; to tap; hence, to besmear with a dabber.
  8. To strike by a thrust; to hit with a sudden blow or thrust.
  9. A gentle blow with the hand or some soft substance; a sudden blow or hit; a peck.
  10. A small mass of anything soft or moist.
  11. Abbreviation for 3'3-diaminobenzidine hcl; in the immunoperoxidase technique, used to produce a colored complex at the site of peroxidase activity.
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