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Meaning of DUTY in English
  1. That which is due; payment.
  2. That which a person is bound by moral obligation to do, or refrain from doing; that which one ought to do; service morally obligatory.
  3. Hence, any assigned service or business; as, the duties of a policeman, or a soldier; to be on duty.
  4. Specifically, obedience or submission due to parents and superiors.
  5. Respect; reverence; regard; act of respect; homage.
  6. The efficiency of an engine, especially a steam pumping engine, as measured by work done by a certain quantity of fuel; usually, the number of pounds of water lifted one foot by one bushel of coal (94 lbs. old standard), or by 1 cwt. (112 lbs., england, or 100 lbs., united states).
  7. Tax, toll, impost, or customs; excise; any sum of money required by government to be paid on the importation, exportation, or consumption of goods.

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DUTY has been recently used in news headlines. Please see the examples below
Examples and usage of DUTY in a sentence

To better understand the meaning of DUTY, certain examples of its usage are presented.Examples from famous English prose on the use of the word DUTY

  1. "Wouldn't be doing my duty - take me said hagrid, who was trembling"

    The word/phrase 'duty' was used by 'J. K. Rowling' in 'Harry potter and the chamber of secrets'.
  2. "I'm starving, i've only just come off patrol duty"

    'J. K. Rowling' has used the duty in the novel Harry potter and the chamber of secrets.
  3. "Not on duty, eh it's all right for some"

    To understand the meaning of duty, please see the following usage by J. K. Rowling in Harry potter and the goblet of fire.
DUTY usage in Proverbs/Idioms
Usage of "DUTY": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "In double duty say your prayer"
    - This term duty was used by Matthew Prior in the Poem A letter.

  2. "Duty, faith, love, are roots, and ever green"
    - This term duty was used by George Peele in the Poem A farewell to arms.

  3. "Heard music in the silentness of duty;"
    - This term duty was used by Wilfred Owen in the Poem Apologia pro poemate meo.

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