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Meaning of COMPOUND in English
  1. In the east indies, an inclosure containing a house, outbuildings, etc.
  2. To form or make by combining different elements, ingredients, or parts; as, to compound a medicine.
  3. To put together, as elements, ingredients, or parts, in order to form a whole; to combine, mix, or unite.
  4. To modify or change by combination with some other thing or part; to mingle with something else.
  5. To compose; to constitute.
  6. To settle amicably; to adjust by agreement; to compromise; to discharge from obligation upon terms different from those which were stipulated; as, to compound a debt.
  7. To effect a composition; to come to terms of agreement; to agree; to settle by a compromise;
  8. Composed of two or more elements, ingredients, parts; produced by the union of several ingredients, parts, or things; composite; as, a compound word.
  9. That which is compounded or formed by the union or mixture of elements ingredients, or parts; a combination of simples; a compound word; the result of composition.
  10. A union of two or more ingredients in definite proportions by weight, so combined as to form a distinct substance; as, water is a compound of oxygen and hydrogen.

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Usage of "COMPOUND": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "O then let me in time compound"
    - This term compound was used by Andrew Marvell in the Poem The picture of little t.c. in a prospect of flowers.

  2. "A chemical compound of molecular disorder"
    - This term compound was used by Harry Boslem in the Poem An ideal world - poem.

  3. "The compound is to be seen with colorful wild lilies; growing about"
    - This term compound was used by Pramita Kaur Sidhu in the Poem My old schoolhouse.

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