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Meaning of CARESSING in English
  1. affectionate play (or foreplay without contact with the genital organs)
  2. Of caress
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CARESSING Sentence, Example and Usage

Examples and usage of CARESSING in prose and poetry

To better understand the meaning of CARESSING, certain examples of its usage are presented.Examples from famous English prose on the use of the word CARESSING

  1. "You darling, you beauty! vassya said suddenly, in a caressing, plaintive voice"

    The word/phrase 'caressing' was used by 'Anton Chekhov' in 'The stories of anton chekhov'.
  2. "Then gently, and almost as caressing her, he passed his hand over her stomach"

    'Gustave Flaubert' has used the caressing in the novel Madame bovary.
  3. "He looked straight into her caressing, though frightened eyes"

    To understand the meaning of caressing, please see the following usage by Leo Tolstoy in Anna karenina.
Usage of "CARESSING": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "But did he feel the same way caressing of the face and neck"
    - This term caressing was used by Prince ..... in the Poem Am i dreaming - poem.

  2. "Every touch of your fingertips on my skin your lips caressing my cheeks"
    - This term caressing was used by Jessica Kobain in the Poem For someone out there - poem.

  3. "Nights falls around me kissing and caressing every inch part of my body"
    - This term caressing was used by Bobbie Peoples in the Poem Only me.

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