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Meaning of CARBONIC ACID in English
  1. a weak acid known only in solution; formed when carbon dioxide combines with water
  2. An acid, not existing separately, which, combined with positive or basic atoms or radicals, forms carbonates. in common language the term is very generally applied to a compound of carbon and oxygen, co2, more correctly called carbon dioxide. it is a colorless, heavy, irrespirable gas, extinguishing flame, and when breathed destroys life. it can be reduced to a liquid and solid form by intense pressure. it is produced in the fermentation of liquors, and by the combustion and decomposition of organic substances, or other substances containing carbo it is formed in the explosion of fire damp in mines, and is hence called after damp; it is also know as choke damp, and mephitic air. water will absorb its own volume of it, and more than this under pressure, and in this state becomes the common soda water of the shops, and the carbonated water of natural springs. combined with lime it

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