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Meaning of capuchin in Hindi

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Meaning of CAPUCHIN in English
  1. a hooded cloak for women
  2. monkey of Central America and South America having thick hair on the head that resembles a monk's cowl
  3. A franciscan monk of the austere branch established in 1526 by matteo di baschi, distinguished by wearing the long pointed cowl or capoch of st. francis.
  4. A garment for women, consisting of a cloak and hood, resembling, or supposed to resemble, that of capuchin monks.
  5. A long-tailed south american monkey (cabus capucinus), having the forehead naked and wrinkled, with the hair on the crown reflexed and resembling a monk's cowl, the rest being of a grayish white;
  6. Other species of cabus, as c. fatuellus (the brown or horned capucine.), c. albifrons (the cararara), and c. apella.
  7. A variety of the domestic pigeon having a hoodlike tuft of feathers on the head and sides of the neck.
  8. Capuchin nun one of an austere order of franciscan nuns which came under capuchin rule in 1538. the order had recently been founded by maria long
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