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Pronunciation of canticle

Meaning of canticle in Hindi

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Meaning of CANTICLE in English
  1. a hymn derived from the Bible
  2. A song; esp. a little song or hymn.
  3. The song of songs or song of solomon, one of the books of the old testament.
  4. A canto or division of a poem
  5. A psalm, hymn, or passage from the bible, arranged for chanting in church service.
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CANTICLE Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "CANTICLE": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "A cantor with his canticle"
    - This term canticle was used by Preludes dans le tons majeurs et mineurs: #17. Lento.By Charles Henri Valentin Alkan.Sequenced by Segundo G. Yogore at Kunst der Fuge. in the Poem Candles dance on their menorah.

  2. "Replacing reason with a canticle"
    - This term canticle was used by God Is Born.Arranged by St. Wiechowicz.Sequenced by Boguslaw Krawczyk at Kunst der Fuge. in the Poem Maybe we need another miracle.

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