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Meaning of CALCANEA ~UNGUITRACTOR~ in English
  1. relating to the heel bone or heel
  2. Relating to the calcaneus or heel bone.
  3. Pertaining to the calcaneum; as, calcaneal arteries.
  4. A superficial network over the calcaneus, formed by branches of the peroneal and posterior tibial arteries and twigs from the malleolar networks.
  5. The calcaneal branches or arteries, branches to the structures in the calcaneal region from 1) the posterior tibial artery and 2) the fibular artery.
  6. Traumatic hemorrhage into the stratum corneum of the heel that may persist for several weeks as centrally confluent black dots.
  7. The process projecting posteriorly from the plantar surface of the cuboid; it supports the anterior end of the calcaneus.
  8. The posterior extremity of the calcaneus, or os calcis, forming the projection of the heel.
  9. (anal.) pertaining to the calcaneum; as, calcaneal arteries.
  10. A gait disturbance, characterized by walking on the heel, due to paralysis of the calf muscles, seen following poliomyelitis and in some other neurologic diseases.
  11. The groove on the upper part of the calcaneus, which with a corresponding groove on the talus forms the sinus tarsi.
  12. The thick tendon of insertion of the triceps surae (gastrocnemius and soleus) into the tuberosity of the calcaneus.
  13. The projection, often double, on the inferior aspect of the calcaneus at the anterior end of the area for attachment of the long plantar ligament.
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