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Meaning of BALSAM in English
  1. any of various fragrant oleoresins used in medicines and perfumes
  2. any seed plant yielding balsam
  3. an ointment containing a fragrant resin
  4. A resin containing more or less of an essential or volatile oil.
  5. A species of tree (abies balsamea).
  6. An annual garden plant (impatiens balsamina) with beautiful flowers; balsamine.
  7. Anything that heals, soothes, or restores.
  8. To treat or anoint with balsam; to relieve, as with balsam; to render balsamic.
  9. A fragrant, resinous or thick, oily exudate from various trees and plants.
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BALSAM Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "BALSAM": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "Balsam, to heal themselves with thus"
    - This term balsam was used by Richard Crashaw in the Poem A hymn to the name and honour.

  2. "From out her hair: such balsam falls"
    - This term balsam was used by Robert Browning in the Poem Song from 'paracelsus'.

  3. "Of your balsam and your resin"
    - This term balsam was used by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in the Poem The song of hiawatha.

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