Meaning of ADHERE in Hindi

लव मीटर

Love Meter

सपनों का अर्थ

Dream Meaning

भाग्य रेखा

Fate Line Reading
Meaning of ADHERE in English
  1. To stick fast or cleave, as a glutinous substance does; to become joined or united; as, wax to the finger; the lungs sometimes adhere to the pleura.
  2. To be consistent or coherent; to be in accordance; to agree.
  3. To hold, be attached, or devoted; to remain fixed, either by personal union or conformity of faith, principle, or opinion; as, men adhere to a party, a cause, a leader, a church.
ADHERE usage in Proverbs/Idioms
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Usage of "ADHERE": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "Its really difficult to adhere So think twice before you express yourself dear Agreed,"
    - This term adhere was used by Suhrud Potdar in the Poem Poem About Friendship and Love - Poem.

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