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Meaning of ABUTMENT ~ARCHITECTURE~ in English
  1. State of abutting.
  2. That on or against which a body abuts or presses
  3. In breech-loading firearms, the block behind the barrel which receives the pressure due to recoil.
  4. point of contact between two objects or parts
  5. an arch supported by an abutment
  6. The solid part of a pier or wall, etc., which receives the thrust or lateral pressure of an arch, vault, or strut.
  7. A fixed point or surface from which resistance or reaction is obtained, as the cylinder head of a steam engine, the fulcrum of a lever, etc.
  8. The pier of a bridge next the shore; a pier which by its strength and stability resists the thrust of an arch.
  9. a masonry support that touches and directly receives thrust or pressure of an arch or bridge
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